Market smarter

Centralise your marketing and deliver integrated campaigns across email, SMS, ad audiences, and outbound calls

Market smarter

Centralise your marketing and deliver integrated campaigns across email, SMS, ad audiences, and outbound calls

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A smarter way to engage with your customers

Target your customers with relevant messaging based on their behaviour and actions. Vector makes it easy to connect with your customers - resulting in higher engagement, improved conversion rates, and reduced marketing spend.

Achieve higher conversion rates and reduce marketing spend

Vector's level of segmentation is like no other, you can filter data by anything you would like. Our data analysts will work with you to ensure you have all of the customised fields you need.

Find the best channel to engage your audience

With the data readily available, Vector centralises your marketing, enabling you to try alternative channels to engage your customers.

Ensure more efficient use of everyone's time

Vector is an 'easy' tool, which anyone across the business can use - and we mean anyone! Say goodbye to complex platforms, save valuable time and empower your workforce to build relationships.

Send relevant messages to each and every customer

In marketing, there's no 'one size fits all'. Vector's dynamic lists reveal exactly how your customers are behaving in real time, making it a lot easier for you to continue the conversation.

Truly put the customer at the heart of your marketing

Customer-centric personalisation, marketer-friendly segmentation

Vector flips marketing on its head - by enabling you to start with your segmented audience, giving you the power to create truly personalised messages. With intuitive segmentation, Vector brings greater agility and faster time-to-market, delivering personalised, omni-channel campaigns to your customers.

Performance marketing made smarter

With real time integration into Facebook and Google ad networks, Vector can create unlimited custom audiences with your first party data. Suppress customers engaged on direct channels, remarket to those opted out of email, limit big discounts to high value customers, win back lost customers.

Dynamic segmentation is at the heart of Vector

Target the right customers with the right message with real-time dynamic segmentation that makes audience management easy.

Self-service audience building

Marketers need real-time access to their data without the need for the tech team to extract lists. Vector's dynamic audience builder makes it intuitive for any marketer to create audience lists and active campaigns.

Engage your customers, based on their needs and behaviours

Did you know?

of Australians did not receive any form of communication after their first purchase, despite sharing their details
believe they are being emailed too often
don't believe they are being targeted to in a relevant way


Sending customers irrelevant 'one size fits all' communications.
Juggling multiple platforms for your marketing campaigns.
Wasting valuable budget by targeting the wrong customers with the wrong messages.
Manually processing customer lists with basic segmentation options.


Engaging your customers, based on their needs and behaviours.
Centralising all of your marketing communications via one platform.
Reducing marketing spend, whilst achieving higher conversion rates, ROAS, and ROI.
Integrating your customer data into a dynamic list so you have a real-time single customer view. Segment by any customer field you like.

Rest assured. Your data is secure.

The security of your data is extremely important to us, which is why Vector is dedicated to protecting all customer data using industry best standards.

Data encryption is employed to ensure all data is received, stored, and processed in a fully secure environment. Vector handles, uses, and manages data in accordance with ISO 27001.

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